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What is a Blaine's Farm Store membership?

With a traditional CSA share program, the customer comes to pick up their share (with what the farmer decides to put in) on a specific day of the week, at a specified time period.  With this alternative idea, the customer would choose what they want, and when they want from my farm store.  Members will receive the same amount of product, just a little different format, and added benefits.  Here are the details:

-member share is $150.
-you can purchase multiple shares if you wish.
-you can purchase it for friends, family, employees, co-workers.  The person(s) name will be associated with the account.
-your total share amount will be loaded into your account at the beginning of the season.
-you will use your account when purchasing your items.
-you will receive a 25% discount on all of Blaine's produce. 
-periodically there will be specialty items that will be discounted only for members
-you will be able to shop at the stand any day of the week to use your membership amount
-you will have the entire season to use your membership amount.
-once you have used all of your balance, you will no longer receive the member discount
-if you want to purchase another membership during the summer you can at anytime.
-you can reload it for as little as $50, or higher in $50 increments
-membership payment in full is required. 
-any remaining amount on account at end of year is not refundable.
-we are hoping to open the last week of April.

Thanks for participating


--Also, it is encouraged to setup a tour of the farm and see where your food comes from and how it is grown!


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